We get lots of calls every day. Here are some commonly asked questions we hear.

How long are your classes?

How do I register and pay for class?

How many dogs do you allow in class? (And is that number flexible?)

Can my significant-other come?

Can I bring my kids?

My dog lunges toward other dogs and barks a lot at them – is class right for them?

I need to miss a class – can I make it up?

My dog is sick – should I bring them anyway?

Something came up, and I need to cancel class after it’s already started.

Is there any guarantee to the training?

My dog is not spayed – what do I do when she’s in season?

My puppy does not yet have all of their shots. Should I wait to take Puppy Kindergarten?

Can I skip Beginning and go right on to Intermediate?

How do I know if I will like my class or trainer?